Consultation & Studies

Strategic Planning Consulting

We believe that a well planned and executed strategy lies at the heart of high performance. Our team has worked on strategic planning for companies and institutions in a variety of industries within the public and private sector. When producing or updating strategic plans, we make sure our client gets a plan that is both decision-oriented and action oriented. Further to implementing a strategy our team ensure providing continuous evaluation of the newly implemented strategy against clearly set key performance indicators.

Economical and Financial Policy Making

  • Analysis of economic and financial policies at macro and micro level
  • Privatization
  • Trade
  • Competitive
  • economic reform programs
  • economic reports
  • Sectorial studies

Business Consulting Services

Our team provides a wide range of business and management consulting services ranging from preparing a complete feasibility study for business opportunities which include market study and analysis, creating financial models, establishing business plans, and matchmaking and bankability testing with financial institutions. Furthermore, we help clients identify unique business and investment opportunities and provide them with detailed evaluation and management advice.

Excellence Studies

Excellence of Institutional Performance

Many Awards of Excellence were created in the region to encourage the improvement of private and public entities performance and services. Those awards gain political and promotional interest and support. Entities in the Arab world are keen to meet-up to the criteria of these awards. Our team who was a main engine in creating some of those awards and their criteria can offer advice and support to entities to enhance their performance on the operational and strategic levels, helping them tailor their vision and mission, and better select and train their HR. In addition, ISSNAAD Consulting supports these entities in preparing the necessary documentation and in carrying on the needed processes and procedures through coordinating with the expert evaluators.

Business Process Re-Engineering and Re-Structuring

Reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes. Qindeel Education helps private and public organizations determine how different departments can be integrated to fit together in the most effective way and deal with the increasing work demands. We have helped our clients achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed and service

Management Development Studies

Community Development, Local Governance and City Development Strategies

Community capacity is an important consideration in community development. Our community development practice focuses on empowering individuals within the society by providing them with skills they need to affect change in their own communities. Our team is experienced in identifying the community socio-economic indicators through carrying assessments and surveys, proposing development projects according to individual community needs. Our team have worked on preparing city development strategies and action plans.

Engineering Consulting Services

Qindeel Education’s engineering team renders comprehensive engineering consulting services starting from project formulation, techno-economic feasibility studies, concept planning, detailed design and engineering in addition to project management and supervision. Our engineering consulting team also provides construction management services and help clients in their tender preparation and selection process.