Education Systems and Arabic Content

1. Dubai Digital Library Solution (The First Arabic Digital Library Platform)


A t the time in which advanced computer and communications technology are affecting different aspects of life, and functioning as the construction of the basic demands of progress and development, they reinforce the importance of paying attention to scientific research and the development of its instruments.

Hence, we mention the importance of the Mrqoom System. The first Arabic digital library platform, which automates academic content on the world-wide-web as a digital platform, to keep pace with the era of information technology to facilitate access mechanism, research and development tools of scientific research. Which is the fruit of the efforts of the strategic partners of early pioneers who have worked and excelled in providing scientific Arabic Software and encyclopedias since 1993 as the varied digital multi-media.

Mrqoom System is the first Tools to provide and establish digital platforms in the Arab world.

Mrqoom System is interested in the service of the Arabic language in detail and ensure the necessary criteria, which allows the search in full text as mere semantics and roots of the academic content of all kinds, where it gathers qualified experiences of electronic publishing sectors.

In addition to more precise technical and programming solutions, to enable universities, government institutions, companies, schools, academics and users of libraries to accurately research and access to millions of pages of books and periodicals, studies and academic content of various kinds and languages through Smart Search, and with the participation of the highly distinguished publishers and research institutions in the world.

Platform Services:

  • Use interface that supports several languages.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible manner.
  • The possibility of updating the front to fit the institution.
  • Compliance with the ePub formula after receiving the content by your side in word format.
  • The criteria for classifying according to Dewey Decimal Classification.
  • The criteria for the classification of the Library of the Congress.
  • The possibility of classification criteria according to the classification of the Organization through the specialized Control Panel guarantees the rights of intellectual property.
  • The absorptive capacity of the content which represents unlimited number of books and all forms of academic content.
  • Able to accommodate all forms of digital sources Digital Format (texts, images, votes, fees for static and mobile).
  • Unlimited absorb to users and unregistered users.
  • The different authorities of access through the Control Panel.
  • Various access tools the Control Panel.
  • Flexible control panel for the directors of the platform, within the preview of the content or the work of the groups of certain books in the rostrum.
  • The platform is compatible with standard (MARC21) to record bibliographic information, to facilitate the process of integration between the global databases
  • Books filtration according to topic, address, publisher or the author.
  • Easy search compatible with the global search engine Google.
  • Search options for title, publisher or the author.

Advanced smart search where research in academic content can be applied through the following:

  • Language: You can search in Arabic or English.
  • Type: Search based on type of document, book, paper, thesis and others.
  • Address: Search based on the title of the book, the paper, the thesis and others.
  • Theme: Search based on the subject of the paper, the research, the thesis and other.

Service of smart search through the options for advanced search for experienced researchers:

  • Searching
    • the entire content or part of it
    • in the punctuated and non-punctuated text
    • entire identical sentences.
    • entire radically congruent sentences
    • on the root level and the word level
    • the footnotes of the content
    • the comments for the users
    • with the typical Polynesian style with (or- and - or not)
  • The filtration for search results according to the standard fields (MARC21):-
    • Indexing contents through exploration services companies
  • A digital reader for electronic content in all its forms through the following services:-
    • Shadowing the texts in addition footnotes
    • Copy and paste service for part of the page or a full page
    • Relevance for print, issue, edition, and the page of any piece of information
    • Presentation of the results by pages
    • Viewing results depending on the books
    • Uploading a complete part of the content
    • Flexible browsing within the content
    • Observations and benchmarks
    • Adding comments and notes
    • Possibility of flexible transition between content pages
    • Possibility of research within the book, research paper, thesis, and others
    • Showing index and search inside
    • Statistics and analysis of the rostrum through Google Analytics
  • After feeding the rostrum content required, the content gets indexed and integrated through:-
    • Free update for any software services that takes place during the period of the contract
    • Additional services not included in the financial offer we will give you
  • Adding any content owned by the enterprise:-
    • Changing the content to word program style
    • Reviewing, editing, scrutiny and conformity for the content with its origin, with high accuracy
    • Indexing content for search services purposes
    • The financial offer will be prepared after agreeing on what content is available to you
  • The possibility of developing (MARC21) standard via the enterprise:-
    • After feeding the rostrum with the content agreed, the classifications according to the standard (MARC21) will be built, through your own Input Panel
    • The financial offer will be prepared after knowing the size of the content you have
  • Providing the thesauri service, the keyword, and the heading of topics:-
    • The development of this service is being done by specialists.
    • The financial offer is to be prepared after knowing the size of your content.


Although the site visitors do not require a password for the search processes in the site, but the site treats each of them as a user, and can be the system administrator to control or obscures some of the services of those users. Such as allowing surfing the paper or the thesis and not to allow you to download the file. The system provides the function of Manage Users and their authorities, through which you could create a special record for each user. This record grants each user a user name and password. All the information, such as their real name, the e-mail, the phone number, and else are saved in their own record. After that, they would be given the suitable authorities through the system of authorities.

The users of the system are to be classified in groups created by the system management director to easily and flexibly manage users and then be to allow or block the different functions available on site for any of the groups.

A trial period that includes training:

After the completion of enriching the platform, a trial period for the new platform that include the training process on the control panel and work on all the features, and on site processes.

The technical security (Technical Guarantee):

We ensure a good output, with no noticeable mistakes, and we guarantee solutions for any problem regarding the platform during the period of the contract.

Technical explanation:

Web interfaces Front End

Which is a development for the visual interface of the site for the use of the users and the verification of the access authority and the identity of the user. Some of the techniques used are: (html, Css, Css3, JavaScript, JQuery, Dhtml, Xml, Ajax, JSON)

Back End infrastructure

Which concerns preparing the infrastructure of devices and the establishment of platform databases and processing it to accommodate users and content, and to develop the search engine, which is going to be linked to the rules considering the privacy of users’ search, making sure to maintain the confidentiality and security of information.



Issuing Version 1 named, which is considered the largest electronic Arabic content and the first Arabic Digital Library in the Middle East across the Internet services of advanced search in sorting and data gridding books, after the agreement with Umm Al Qura University.


Dubai Digital Library.

Some of clients have V1 of Mrqoom System:

  • United Arab Emirates:
    • Chamber of the court - Abu Dhabi
    • University of Sharjah
    • American University in Dubai
    • General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.
    • Dubai School of Islamic Studies
    • Jumeirah University
  • Bahrain:
    • University of Bahrain
  • Jordan:
    • University Of Jordan
    • Yarmouk University
    • Al Zarqaa Private University
    • Abd Al-Hamid Shuman Institution
  • Egypt:
    • Al Azhar Al Sharif
    • The American University in Cairo
  • Saudi Arabia:
    • The Digital Library SDL
    • Umm Al Qura University
    • Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University
  • Oman:
    • Sultan Qaboos University
  • Qatar:
    • Qatar University
  • Libya:
    • University of the Islamic Call
  • Malaysia:
    • The Islamic University

2. Mqroa System & Smart Pen

Mqroa System:

Mqroa is a digital platform dedicated to school content. Qindeel Educational owns hundreds of digital resources including stories, videos, learning programs and language lessons, which it will be launching soon through the app Mqroa.

It is a safe, educational, interactive, shared digital room between the school, teachers, students and parents through which teachers can assign reading assignments to each student according to their level of reading.

The students can read and listen to the stories and then test their skills on this platform. They can also collect pearls to receive prizes from teachers, which will be placed in their digital rooms. The teacher follows up with the students through reports, which allow the school and parents to view the progress of each student.

3. Stylo Reader Pen

Our products have been carefully selected to encourage and support healthy play and fun learn by Einstylo Reader Pen, in the many forms that it takes: Thinking, Pretend Play, and Exploring & Discovering.

We have more than 100 items (books, flash cards, posters, stories) that our Einstylo Reader pen can work with. Qindeel Educational Test the toys and the Educational products we carry have to meet some important criteria to make it into the Qindeel Educational collection. We look for play products that are designed for self-guided, imaginative and active play.

There are some great local companies and publishers making some great stuff, and if it passes the Qindeel Educational test, you'll find it here. They are items that bring joy and a smile, while triggering the imagination, exercising the brain and invigorating the body.